Fractional & Interim COO Solutions

Has your company reached a state where additional executive leadership is required but the economics are challenging? Advance your growing business with a Fractional Chief Operating Officer.

Fractional COO Solutions

Fractional Leadership empowers businesses to hire specific talent and make a big impact in a short amount of time, especially those that want to scale quickly or need to make a change to stay relevant and competitive.

As a Fractional Chief Operating Officer, I can help bridge the gap and provide an affordable solution for companies that are not yet ready to invest in a full-time COO.. 

Services Include

  • Managing the Daily Operations of Your Company
  • Developing or Refining Your Business Strategy
  • Process Optimization and Implementation
  • Managing Essential Projects or Developing New Systems
  • Personnel Management, Recruitment & Performance Management
  • Building Organizational Culture

Interim Executive Partnership

Working with a Fractional or Interim COO allows a company the opportunity to "test drive" an individual without immediately integrating them into the team. In addition to the cost benefits, a company gains infrastructural advantages when the COO works with the CEO to build a roadmap for success that team members can easily follow and implement.

I'll serve as the CEO's right hand person to drive: 

  • Operational Assessment & Alignment
  • Executive Project Leadership
  • Team Integration & Culture Development
  • Systems Optimization

How I Can Help

Available In-Person: Denver, Colorado

Available Remotely: Across the U.S.

Average Hours per Month: 40-80

Minimum Contract: 6 Months

How It Works

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