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Sometimes companies need a fresh perspective to build a strategic plan for brand development and revenue growth.
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Chief Revenue Officers Focus on Maximizing the Effectiveness of
Sales & Marketing Investments


as your company hit a ceiling with sales? Is your branding outdated or your messaging ineffective? I provide high-level strategic marketing and sales management services at a monthly expense that is less than half of what a full-time Chief Revenue Officer would cost.

Sometimes, the marketing strategies and salespeople that propelled companies to the current level of success is no longer enough. Without a professional sales manager, sales teams were left on their own or managed by the business owner. Most owners did not have the experience, time, or know-how to scale up a sales department. Some owners were skilled at selling, but hiring and developing other salespeople was not their strength.

Companies above the $1m revenue mark are at a critical growth phase and can often greatly benefit from an experienced CRO who can bring executive level strategy and planning experience to the table.

Get Help With

  • Leading a Marketing Team
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development & Promotion
  • Paid & Organic Marketing Initiatives
  • Revenue Generation & Sales Team Building
  • Sales Process Implementation

Revamp Your Revenue Engine

Whether you need to optimize your sales processes, enhance marketing campaigns, or craft a solid roadmap for success, I'm dedicated to empowering your team with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive market.
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How I Can Help

I work with teams on:
Building a strong marketing strategy
Demand and lead generation
‍Recruiting additional sales & marketing personnel as required
Participating actively in company strategic planning
Customer experience & retention

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How It Works

Available In-Person: Portland, Maine
Available Virtually:
Across the U.S.
Average Hours per Month:
Minimum Contract:
3 months

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