Sales & Marketing Consulting

Sometimes companies need a fresh perspective with actionable steps to improve overall performance.
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Sales & Marketing Consulting


as your company hit a ceiling with sales? Is your branding outdated or your messaging ineffective? I provide high-level sales management and strategic marketing services at a monthly expense that is less than half of what a full-time sales and marketing executive would cost.

Sometimes, the strategies and salespeople that propelled companies to the current level of success is sometimes no longer enough. Without a professional sales manager, sales teams were left on their own or managed by the business owner. Most owners did not have the experience, time, or know-how to scale up a sales department. Some owners were skilled at selling, but hiring and developing other salespeople was not their strength.

Sales consultants generally focus on processes, systems, hiring, and coaching. They work to fix strategies to help the company better manage its team. Coaches often focus on sales techniques, messaging, and conversations, and trainers teach sales methodology.

Get Help With

  • Prospecting
  • Sales Process Implementation
  • Sales Skills Coaching
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Experience
tailored Sales & Marketing Consulting

Revamp Your Revenue Engine

Whether you need to optimize your sales processes, enhance marketing campaigns, or craft a solid roadmap for success, I'm dedicated to empowering your team with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive market. Partner with Ketti Consulting, and together, we'll unlock the full potential of your business.
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How I Can Help

I work with teams on:

Achieving sales objectives by leveraging the sales team's efforts
Recruiting additional sales personnel as required
Addressing subpar performance proactively
Guiding and supporting the team through coaching and decisions
Holding regular sales meetings on a weekly basis
Enhancing and documenting departmental procedures
Participating actively in company strategic planning
Engaging in personalized coaching sessions
Providing essential education and training opportunities for the sales team
Cultivating the growth of sales representatives and the entire sales team

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How It Works

Available In-Person: Portland, Maine
Available Virtually:
Across the U.S.
Average Hours per Month:
Minimum Contract:
3 months

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